Your audience has enomorous talents, creative gifts and unique passions. They are the changemakers of tomorrow. They just need that extra push to move forward in their purpose.

Crystal Scretching is a motivator who encourages others to show up and be who they are in this world. She is an Amazon best-selling author, passionate speaker and inspirational live broadcaster. Through her transparent approach, Crystal will inspire you to accept your authentic self and uncover the greatness that already lives inside of you. Always here to remind you that “You Are Enough”, it is Crystal’s mission to help you stand in your truth and live your highest quality of life.


As a public speaker

Crystal dives into each moment with passion, reading her audience and providing a deeper connection with every topic she presents. Those that have heard her speak, walk away with a feeling of empowerment to take into their lives.

Crystal’s core message is to teach others how to:

  • Replace negative self-talk and old beliefs that hold themselves back
  • Accept themselves whole, even when face down in the mud
  • Live an authentic life of their choosing by being intentional
  • Tap into their greatness to create a life that they love
  • Make a positive shift in mindset utilizing gratitude

As an experienced media host

Crystal has acted as the on-site live video and digital media host for several conferences and events. In her role of a digital influencer, Crystal has taken her audience along with her on many journeys to major events all over the country. Realizing the power of live video and digital media, she is now bringing events to life for the at-home audience, through on-site interviews and guiding the experience of a VIP attendees’ eyes through special behind the scenes footage.

  • Provide a great experience for your audience at home
  • Keep the content fresh and engaging
  • Capture key moments at your event
  • Represent your specific brand as an ambassador
  • Keep brand culture continuity in presentation
  • Optimize opportunities for call-to-actions/opt-ins/offers

Full on-site production services are in partnership with Beyond Expectations Productions.


“She said exactly what I needed to hear at the right moment.”

“She has really taught me that I am enough!”

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