You deserve a life that you love, and you can create it.

“For every person that has ever felt they are not enough in this world, I am here to take this journey of self-acceptance with you and declare that we are enough just for being who we are and standing in our truth.”

– Crystal Scretching

Many days I have closed my eyes and envisioned thousands of people making the same shift that I did – remembering their greatness, their value and worthiness. It wasn’t too long ago that I contemplated my worth and did everything in my power to be accepted and feel some type of love. One day, I stopped and began to question myself. “Who told me I wasn’t skinny enough, pretty enough, or smart enough?” I realized that these attributes of lack did not come from God and were not the truth about me. From then on, I have strived to reverse the negative self-talk and replace the negative core beliefs of limitation with those of empowered self-love.


It is now my mission in everything that I do to help plant the seed or spark thoughts that will help others to begin their own journey back to loving themselves whole. I know to my core that everyone has greatness within them regardless of how that shows up. By reclaiming self-love and accepting who we were created to be, we can live a life we truly love! Therefore, I am here to remind you, as much as possible, that “You Are Enough!